Natural evolution of her dance explorations, Gwenaël has developed her own fusions blending Bellydance and the above Indian dances. She mainly focuses on Bellywood and Indian Fusion. Discovered at the Bellyfusions Festival 2011 in Paris, she goes teaching those styles across Europe.


Gwenaël’s conception of Bellywood (contraction of Bellydance and Bollywood) is basically Bollywood with more Bellydance moves as usual. Her choreographies are always made to respect the spirit of Bollywood dance, including narrative elements to support the story of the song.

Indian Fusion

Inspired by the beauty of classical dances like Odissi and Kathak, Indian Fusion is Gwenaël’s interpretation of the different aspects of Indian dances like worship, storytelling or just dance for the sake of it. Her dance can be at times contemplative, at times joyful, or even depicting terror but always connect to the Indian aesthetics.