Tribal Bellydance

Tribal Bellydance is a modern genre created in the 1970’s in the San Francisco area, California. First created to connect back to the roots of bellydance – women dancing for other women along the silk roads, it has evolved in a unique form of celebration of sisterhood under the influence of feminist ideals aiming to take this art form out of the cabarets onto theatre stages. Tribal Bellydance is all about empowering women in their dance, celebrating the feminine power, and go away from the reduction of the bellydancer to a sexual object.

Gwenaël’s interpretation of Tribal Bellydance is actually an eclectic one, ranging from ATS® to Indian Bellydance fusions, via theatrical Tribal Fusion or contemporary bellydance, as a reflection of her personality.


Indian dances


Bollywood Dance

What is commonly referred as Bollywood are the dances of Indian musical films. Blending all possible genres – from classical Indian dances like Kathak to hip hop - into a very lively and deceptively easy dance, its main characteristic is to be constantly evolving. The dances are part of the story, and then always support the narration by depicting the lyrics of the song, which makes it a very theatrical style.


Indian Fusions

Natural evolution of her dance explorations, Gwenaël has developed her own fusions blending Bellydance and the above Indian dances. She mainly focuses on Bellywood and Indian Fusion. Discovered at the Bellyfusions Festival 2011 in Paris, she goes teaching those styles across Europe.


Experimental Fusion

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